TabGraphix® official website

An exceptional opportunity for music publishers

Benefits to the music publisher

TabGraphix® offers an important improvement to any publication dealing with tablature for stringed instruments.

•    reflect image of innovator in the tab market
•    differentiate from existing tab market
•    develop a new income generator
•    motivate customers – a clear method results in faster learning
•    retain customers – the successful tab player will cross-over to your
      other products
•    TabGraphix® can be used in all languages and applies to many
      stringed instruments

Benefits to the beginner guitar player

TabGraphix® solves two basic orientation issues :

1) Because the guitar is held upside down for playing, the order of the strings is inverted when compared to the vertical positioning of the tab lines. The different thicknesses serve as a visual aid when first reading tablature.

2) The different thicknesses help the beginner more easily adjust between horizontal tab and vertical chord diagrams.